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Carbide & HSS cutter regrinding and sharpening services

Our expertise at regrinding and sharpening broken and worn cutters will reduce your need to purchase new, replacement tools. A large part of our work is milling cutter reclamation.

Each year we regrind and sharpen thousands of carbide and HSS drills, milling cutters and many other types, restoring serviceable tools that would otherwise be thrown away.

Regrinding and sharpening worn tools is a cost effective way of prolonging the life of your investment in tooling. Our regrinding and sharpening service very effectively prolongs the life of your investment.

Frequently, we find the wear on a tool is restricted to a small portion of the flute length which, when removed and new end teeth CNC ground, produces a perfectly serviceable tool of original diameter.

Around 50% of all the tools we receive fall into this category. Removing the worn section enables us to return good-as-new tools to the client and in the process significantly helping to reduce tooling costs.

Alternatively worn tools are accurately ground down to the next 1/2mm size and returned in a box with a printed label. This describes the tool, gives the size, number of flutes and whether HSS or solid carbide, facilitating tool stock control in the workshop.

Many of our customers have experienced improved tool performance after being restored in our workshop as tools are individually reground and sharpened.

All tools are individually listed and priced on our invoice.

Special services

We are able to modify standard tools to achieve optimum cutting performance:

Call or e-mail us for further details about our services and discuss how your overall tooling costs can be reduced.