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Examples of tools we resharpen.

These are examples of the carbide and HSS tools we regrind and sharpen.

End Mills

Usually we regrind the diameter of the tool to the next 1/2mm size smaller. For example, a worn 20mm diameter End Mill will be returned ground to 19.50mm diameter. All tools are returned in a box stating the new size, whether HSS or Carbide 2, 3 or 4 flute to facilitate identification and stock control.

Alternatively, if the a short portion of the tool length is worn i.e. the end 6mm. We can cut off the worn portion and regrind new end teeth on our Walther CNC machine. The tool is returned with original diameter but a little shorter in length.

Slot Drills

Customers use slot drills to machine slots and the cutter size is important. In this case the cutter has been worn to the depth of the slot. We can refurbish the tool by removing the worn section and regrinding new end teeth. The tool is returned with original diameter but a little shorter in length.

Alternatively, many customers prefer to use these two flute cutters for machining aluminium or plastic and require the worn diameter to be sharpened. In this case we regrind the diameter to the next size down and sharpen the end teeth.

The refurbished cutter is slightly shorter and 1/2mm smaller in diameter..

In cases where it is desirable to maintain the tool diameter it is often possible for our CNC machine to polish inside the flutes to remove a degree of wear and small chips without a significant reduction of the cutter dimensions.


Ball radius End Mill

Many customers use only the ball radius and a small section of the cutter diameter and in this case we can remove the worn portion and CNC regrind the ball radius. The tool is returned with original size and ball radius but a little shorter in length.

Alternatively, these tools can be reground to the next 1/2mm diameter smaller and the radius reground as half the new diameter of the tool.


Ripper cutters

Ripper Cutters are restored by grinding inside the flutes to clear wear. Although the profile on the diameter is form relieved the amount removed from inside the flutes does not significantly reduce the size of the tool.

As regrinding takes place inside the flutes the special coatings are not removed from the tool diameter.

Many Ripper Cutters are only used for shallow cuts and the worn part of the flutes can be cut off and new end teeth reground. The cutter is then returned with the original diameter size but slightly shorter in length.


Counter boring tools

Counter Boring tools wear on the end cutting face and can easily be restored by grinding the end teeth back to an un-worn section. The tool is returned without alteration to the original counter boring diameter.


Corner rounding tools

Corner rounding cutters can often be refurbished by regrinding the tooth face to remove wear. If the tool is severely worn, it can be reground to a new radius.


Dovetail cutters

Dovetail cutters can be reground on the side angles and on the end teeth to remove tool wear. New tools are often modified to suit particular customer requirements.


Countersink tools

Countersink tools can be reground to remove wear – often very little material needs to be removed and these tools can have a very long life if resharpened before severe wear takes place.

Threading taps

Various types of threading tap can be sharpened. Typically the tool is ready for regrinding when the first full thread is chipped or worn - visually 2 or 3 pitches are cut off and the lead renewed.


Face mills

Face mills or shell mills usually have deep teeth and flutes that will allow several resharpening and regrinding operations before the tool begins to loose cutting efficiency.


Tee slot cutters

Tee slot cutters are available in a number of different styles and can be resharpened when worn.


Slab mills

Slab Mills have a large variety of diameter sizes and lengths and can be reground to remove wear.


Rotabroach Cutters

Rotabroach cutters can be resharpened. Frequently these tools will be sent for refurbishment with one or more broken teeth. Typically we are able to refurbish these tools by removing and grinding the broken section to restore a complete set of sharp teeth