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Specialists at regrinding and sharpening carbide and HSS cutting tools

Our expertise is the ability to recover and refurbish tools that may be considered too damaged or worn to be of further use. 

By regrinding and sharpening tools we are able to delay the cost of you purchasing new tools, restore productivity to that achieved when they were new and contribute to an overall tooling inventory reduction.

In addition to resharpening services, a rapidly increasing part of our business is the production of new cutting tools to customer specification. Drill point grinding, we re-sharpen thousands of worn carbide drills and provide a re-coating service where required.

Picture of broken ripper cutter.


Raynor Tools is conveniently located to deliver cutter regrinding and sharpening services to engineering workshops based in and around the West Midlands, East Midlands and Merseyside. Our employees visit workshops in these regions on a regular basis to make collections, take note of special requirements and return restored tools.

Raynor Tools also operate a national, courier based service and batches of tools over £125.00 are returned free of charge.

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Do you have a hide-away box of worn or damaged tools under a bench?

Most likely we will be able to restore them to a good-as-new condition. Send us your tools now and we will email or fax you a detailed quotation listing the regrinding and sharpening needed to restore them.

Try us - we will be able to help.